Grant Writing

Gimenez Caulder & Associates has written thousands of successful grant proposals to private and corporate foundations and government entities. Winning grant proposals involves planning and preparation, must be compelling and informative, and must be submitted in a timely manner.

We can also provide the following services:

  • Research of possible funding sources for your nonprofit organization
  • Write letters of inquiry
  • Review grant proposal guidelines and Request for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Write cover letters and proposal narratives
  • Follow-up with the funder about the status and outcome of your grant proposal, as well as request feedback.
  • Review and proof read your completed grant proposal prior to submitting it to a funding sources to confirm that your proposal is complete and that the necessary documents are attached.

We also assist clients with:

  • Developing a fundraising strategy
  • Preparing annual goals and objectives for their nonprofit organization

Gimenez Caulder & Associations works on either a retainer or project basis and does not accept compensation that is based on a percentage of contributions.

Call (310) 514-0263 or email us today to see how we can help you with your grant writing needs, or read more about many of the other services we offer.




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